Pannone Law Group

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More About PLG

PLG partners and lawyers are experienced in advising clients engaged in international transactions

Particular importance is placed upon the need to bridge not only legal and linguistic differences, but also cultural differences between negotiating parties, which is why clients often call upon PLG partners to be present in business negotiations from an early stage.

PLG lawyers are multi-lingual allowing the client to conduct his business away from home in his own language.

Each PLG firm is happy to place its offices at the disposal of member firms and their clients for business meetings, with or without the assistance of interpreters or advisers.


Quality Control

Providing our clients with top quality legal advice and representation is a key goal shared across the PLG family. To ensure high standards are maintained we:

  • Adhere to an internal code of practice
  • Have an internal Quality Control Committee made up of senior individuals within PLG member firms across the globe
  • Review our procedures on an ongoing basis
  • Enjoy an open working relationship with each other based on friendship, frank discussions and trust









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