The 2023 PLG Academy for Lawyering Excellence

It was with great pleasure that, after a few years’ break due to the Pandemic, we were able to once again hold our PLG Academy for Lawyering Excellence. This was the third edition of the Academy and was once again hosted by the Católica Global School of Law in Lisbon and its goal is to bring a group of young lawyers from our member firms together to work on legal and soft skills.

Combining the experience of senior PLG lawyers with the knowledge of internationally renowned legal lecturers the sessions covered a variety of topics including marketing and networking as a lawyer, arbitration, online sales websites, negotiation, trade secrecy, international taxation, compliance and KYC and legal English.

We would like to thank Católica Global School of Law for once again hosting the event as well as their Professors Tito Rendas and  Teixeira de Abreu for their classes on trade secrecy and international taxation. Thanks also to Professor Alessandra Mourão from the Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo for her sessions on negotiation and persuasion. We also thank the Bryter Academy for the day’s training on legal tech solutions.

We also have a long list of PLG lawyers to thank for their courses and help in the organisation of the Academy: José Juan Pintó Sala and Alejandro Naranja from Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle in Barcelona; Aurélie Dantzikian from Lamy Lexel in Lyon; Niccolò Lasorsa from Studio Legale Marsaglia in Milan; Roel Slotboom, current PLG President from Schaap, Rotterdam; Martin Pennington from Pannone Corporate, Manchester.

The PLG Academy is the brainchild of our former President, Luis Moreira Cortez from CRA in Lisbon who said: “I’m happy to have organised and hosted the Academy for a third time, after the break imposed by the Pandemic. This would not have been possible without the amazing support of Católica Global School of Law, as well as the PLG lawyers who so generously give the classes. Lastly, to the PLG firms who believe in the project and send their young lawyers for one full week to attend the Academy, and to the PLG structure – to Rebecca – who makes it so much easier to organise anything.”

Thibault Jauffret from Lexfield, Luxembourg, who participated in the Academy added: “At the beginning of the week, one of the founders of PLG, José Juan Pintó, explained to us how PLG was built as an association of lawyers between friends. The intention was to create a sort of family nurtured by close relationships, he said. José would be so proud to see what has emerged between us during this past week. Something very powerful that, I’m convinced, lays a solid foundation for the next years of PLG and that perfectly aligns with the founders’ ambitions.”