PLG Firm in Focus – Coleman Greig Lawyers, Australia

History of Coleman Greig

2023 is of particular importance for Coleman Greig as we celebrate our 95th Anniversary. Coleman Greig was established in Sydney in 1928 by Ralph Coleman and later joined by Malcolm Greig.

In 1941, just one year after Ralph Coleman invited Malcolm Greig to become a partner in the firm (leading to the partnership being known as Coleman & Greig) – Greig joined the Australian Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant by the time he re-joined the firm after being discharged in 1945.

The following decades saw significant growth for Coleman & Greig Solicitors and Notaries in both reputation and size, with the addition of several new partners.

Over the past 95 years, numerous firms have joined forces with Coleman Greig which has enabled us to expand our client service offering and geographic footprint. At Coleman Greig, we are proud of our history and excited about our clients’ future.

Why do clients choose Coleman Greig?

At Coleman Greig, empowering people means delivering on our commitment to provide the highest standard in legal services – no matter how big or small.

We have grown over 95 years to become Sydney’s leading midsized firm, big enough for the largest job but also the right fit for the clients that know us well. Our 5 offices strategically positioned across NSW also provide convenience for our clients.

Our clients range from personal clients, through to family owned businesses, small-medium sized enterprises and subsidiaries of major multinationals as well as some of Australia’s most well recognised franchise chains. Each client receives the benefit of our expertise and the results of our vision and commitment to innovation.

How do we define a successful result?

Across all our teams and staff, we know what our clients expect in terms of service and we work hard to ensure those needs are met. And importantly, we don’t rest on our achievements but regularly seek feedback from our clients to gauge how well we are meeting their expectations.

Our commitment to our clients is based on core principles of:

  • Working with clients to obtain realistic and practical solutions
  • Providing prompt service which meets our clients’ deadlines
  • Responding promptly to calls and requests​
  • Making ourselves accessible to our clients – where and when they need us
  • Communicating in plain language
  • Maintaining absolute integrity in all dealings
  • Providing value for money

What makes Coleman Greig different to others?

What makes Coleman Greig different is the way in which we approach the business of legal services. Our values (people, purpose, vision and community) reflect the commitment we have to being more than simply a great law firm with highly experienced lawyers. We are an integral part of the community, working with our clients and our business partners to develop legal services and value-adding initiatives that meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals today.

We offer a genuinely flexible work environment that caters for the needs of all our employees – part time roles, flexible work hours, enabling technology, and a culture that supports a healthy work/life balance.

What do international clients find the most challenging when they approach doing business in Australia?

Australia is a unique country; not only in its vast landscapes and multiculturalism, but also its laws. Our laws differ particularly in the business domain, where there is not only Commonwealth legislation but also laws within individual states and territories that international clients need to be aware of depending on the business they want to conduct. We also operate in a different time zone to many of the continents including Europe, North America and Asia, which can be a challenge.  The way in which Australians communicate is also unique, however, we find that in our ‘easy-going’ nature, there is a great appeal to do business in Australia.

What do employees value about Coleman Greig?

At Coleman Greig we value professional excellence, integrity and the ability to build relationships with clients based on competence and trust. Our core values of people, purpose, vision and community reflect the inclusive culture here at the firm and provide the foundation for all that we do. We offer quality work, career development opportunities, structured learning and development for all staff and a range of competitive benefits.

Coleman Greig was also ranked number 22 in the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Australia in 2020 and 2021. Our practice is structured into specialist teams, drawn from a diverse range of fields, which allows individuals to specialise and develop their skills and experience.

Staff Activities and Team Building at Coleman Greig

Our People and Capability team are responsible for a number of fabulous staff activities and events throughout the year. Some recent ones included a Halloween scavenger hunt, which had our staff collaborate between offices to find all the clues, as well as an end of year Christmas Party where staff participated in a gift giving exercise. There are also Trivia nights hosted throughout the year along with frequent drinks and nibbles in the boardroom after work. Celebrations are also had for staff birthdays, new starters, and professional milestones to name a few.

What does it take to go from being a good lawyer to an excellent lawyer?

At Coleman Greig we place significant importance on the professional development of employees. We offer a range of formal programs that include external training opportunities, support for approved tertiary study and a Legal Cadetship Program open to all full-time, first year law students, as well as a series of internal training programs for both professional and support staff.

Our practice is structured into specialist teams, drawn from a diverse range of fields, which allows individuals to specialise and develop their skills and experience. We also encourage a work-life balance, supporting a hybrid working model for all staff.

Our Values

At Coleman Greig, empowering people means living our values in everything that we do. Values that celebrate our People, sharpen our Purpose, set our Vision and support our Community. They are the essence of how we operate and what we believe. Most importantly, our values are shared at every level of Coleman Greig and are the foundation of our firm.