PLG Firm in Focus : Karagounis & Partners, Greece

Firm in Focus – Karagounis & Partners 


  1. Could you very briefly summarize the history of the firm?

Karagounis & Partners law firm was established in 1925 and is one of the oldest in Athens. It is a Greek-French Law firm, fully French speaking. It is member of PLG International Lawyers GEIE and of the Association of European Attorneys AEA / Justinian Lawyers; The Head of the firm, Constantin Karagounis is the Vice-President of the Association of European Attorneys AEA / Justinian Lawyers.

The French partner, law firm KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., is operating in Paris under the direction of Constantin Karagounis, Lawyer in Paris & Athens Bar, in cooperation with Lmt Avocats.

During 100 years of providing legal services, Karagounis & Partners has acquired a vast experience and expertise in handling legal issues, as well as the confidence of its Greek, French and international clientele.

Karagounis & Partners’ experienced team of lawyers and counselors are committed to serve and cover in the best way the needs of their clients in a highly qualified and dedicated manner.

Karagounis & Partners offers a wide range of reliable services and legal advice mainly in the areas of Business & Tax law – Greek, French and International (consulting, investment, real estate, taxation, contracts, litigation, arbitration, mediation, claims, debt recovery, enforcement) before Greek, French and European Courts (Supreme Courts – European Commission). The partner law firm in France, KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., offers the same range of services in France and internationally.

Specialized in business with France, Karagounis & Partners is the counselor of the French Embassy in Greece as well as of several public and private French entities. The French law firm KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., is the advisor of several Greek interests’ companies, French companies and individuals in France and internationally.


  1.  What makes your firm different to others?

Our firm works by building bridges between Greece and France.

What is the key of this special relationship?

The Head of the firm, Constantin Karagounis, French – Greek, Attorney in both, Paris & Athens Bars, is the person, with the local French speaking team, who is able to facilitate the business in both countries. Constantin Karagounis, is an active member of the French Greek business community in both countries and has brought “French business culture” in doing business in Greece. That’s why French institutions in Greece and many French companies and international organizations entrust us with their representation and the defense of their legal and judicial interests in Greece and in other countries of South East Mediterranean.

We are proud that in 100 years of providing legal services we have managed to stay true to the principles and values ​​of the business in Law. At the same time, we continue to adopt international best practices, and adapt to the challenges of our customers. The globalization of the world economy means that lawyers must have an in-depth knowledge of many different markets, as well as practical experienced of international work. Karagounis & Partners values its international activity and is in permanent contact and collaboration with foreign law firms. The partner, French law firm KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., is the advisor of several Greek interests’ companies, French companies and individuals in France and internationally. Specialized in business with France, Karagounis & Partners is the counselor of the French Embassy in Greece as well as of several public and private French entities. French institutions in Greece and many French companies and international organizations entrust our firm with their representation and the defense of their legal and judicial interests in Greece and other Southeastern Mediterranean countries.


  1. Why do clients choose your firm?

If you’re not meeting their needs, how can you expect them to meet yours?

According to the profile of our clients, Karagounis & Partners has a strong international orientation, as our clients are largely foreign companies and financial institutions with business interests in Greece. As we move in an international environment, we listen to the global ‘’voice’’, and we are able to implement innovations both at the level of legal thinking and at the level of organization and operation that ensure sustainable development. Our clientele includes, inter alia, Banks, Financial Institutions, Industrial companies, Telecommunication, Real Estate & Construction, Pharmaceutical companies, Credit Insurance, Consumer goods companies, Machinery, Car & Trucks Industries, Energy and Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Food and Beverage Companies, High Technology Companies, International Logistics Companies such as Land, Sea and Air Transport, Travel Agencies and Hotel Business.

While a law firm may have many clients, most of its clients will only have one lawyer. Therefore, the diversity of their origin, areas of interest and activities enrich our experience and skills. Karagounis & Partners supports the development and success of its clients by combining its legal services with a scrupulous regard for professional ethics.

In order to respond to the needs of Karagounis & Partners clients in Greece, France (the partner law firm in France, KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S.) and in other countries (Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East, the United States of America) and to offer a worldwide service, we have established a wide network of corresponding lawyers and law firms with experienced and specialized lawyers.


  1. How do you define a successful result?

Our priority remains to provide high-level service to our customers and build long-term relationships.


  1. What do employees’ value about your firm?

“Our employees are our company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen — so long as their needs are being met’’.

Lawyers at Karagounis & Partners have completed their studies in Greek, French and other international universities; most of them are holders of one or more master’s degrees and they are fluent French and English speakers. The richness of our backgrounds grants to Karagounis & Partners the range of expertise we need to tackle our clients’ most complex problems.

The on-going training of our lawyers, which is essential to the quality of the service provided, is carried out not only by working as a team but also by encouraging our team-members to continue their academic education, by attending training seminar and post-graduate programs in various areas of law, by reading articles in specialized journals and taking part in seminars and discussion forums in France and abroad.

Our commitment to our employees is based on core principles of:

-Keep hours in check.

-Focus on employee growth.

-Give recognition where it’s due.

-Offer work flexibility.


-Team-work involving a partner of the firm and one or more associates, collaborating in a constant exchange of information and opinions.


  1. What does it take to go from being a good lawyer to an excellent lawyer?

The belief people have about the nature of talent and ability: In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work — brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” This means that being an excellent lawyer also means being more than just a lawyer. It’s not only about to adhere to the professional code of ethics. It’s not all about projection. To be able to analyze what clients tell them or follow a complex testimony, a lawyer must have good communication skills. The very top lawyers are not only logical and analytical, but they display a great deal of creativity in their problem-solving.

The best solution is not always the most obvious and in order to outmaneuver your challenger it is often necessary to think outside the box. After all, without risk, there is no reward.


7. Our Values

Integrity serves as our moral compass to do what is right and to reject that which is wrong, regardless of the consequences attached to such decisions.

The word takes on added meaning in the legal profession, where honesty, reliability, loyalty, and good judgment are character traits especially valued in developing trust.

Quality is a distinguishing characteristic that is the product of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It is always by design and never by accident. In essence, quality is the standard by which our work is measured, and our character and commitment are judged.

Value is defined by commitment, knowledge, attitude, service, reliability, and respect. These are the core characteristics that should serve as the guiding principles of your work life. In effect, value is a mindset that creates lasting worth and satisfaction.

Community Service

As members of the legal profession, we have a social responsibility to give back to our community, to make significant and continuing contributions for the betterment of society. It will promote a sense of purpose and will create a legacy of care and compassion to be admired and followed.


  1. What do international clients find the most challenging when they approach doing business in Greece?

Greece is open to foreign investments as a matter of principle and encouraging foreign investment forms part of the Greek government’s policy.

Generally, foreign investments do not require approval from local authorities, except for certain limited instances that may be viewed as restrictive and should be assessed by foreign (and particularly non-EU) investors.

Greece is undergoing a number of economic, institutional and social reforms to foster new direct investment and job opportunities.

Privatization is a key part of the financial, economic reform currently underway in Greece. The portfolio of privatizations is a diverse one, affecting the corporate, infrastructure and land development sectors.

Greece has, and continues to develop, several agreements for the avoidance of double taxation to ensure that income will not be taxed in more than one country.

Generally speaking, there are no specific restrictions regarding direct and indirect investment in Greece. There are various provisions aiming to attract foreign investment, which offer incentives under conditions specified in the relevant legislation, such as law taxation rates for retired people, non-dom tax residents, R & D, high-tech companies etc.