Canonica Valticos de Preux + associés - Geneva

The law firm CANONICA VALTICOS & ASSOCIES was founded on 1 May 2009 at the instigation of Dante CANONICA, Michel VALTICOS and Eve DELALOYE. The founders were greatly honored when Maître Jean CLOSTRE, attorney at the Bar of Geneva since 1964, joined the partnership with a view to playing a part in the firm's long term future development.

CANONICA VALTICOS & ASSOCIES merged with the law firm DE PREUX + ASSOCIES, mainly composed by Pierre de PREUX (former Chairman of the Geneva Bar Association), Catherine de PREUX and Isabelle BÜHLER, on 1 June 2012.

The law firm is now practicing under the name of CANONICA VALTICOS DE PREUX + ASSOCIES.

Already a strong team on the basis of their diverse experience, the partners recruited talented young associates with the aim of maintaining and perpetuating the values they had acquired in their practice at the Bar.

This dynamic and successful team offers personalized and efficient services to clients in most fields of law, by virtue of the diverse skills and areas of specialization of its members. The firm assists its clients with their private and professional activities in civil, criminal and administrative matters, offering advice and conducting legal proceedings.

With values based on long-standing traditions, the firm continues to play a significant role in the life of the Bar and strives to maintain rigorous standards, particularly in the domain of professional ethics.


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