Özgün Law Firm - Istanbul

Özgün Law Firm is well-established in Istanbul thanks to our focus on quality and our concern to continuously maintain high ethical standards

Our clients are at the heart of all our activities and to offer high-class services to our clients is our firm's top priority. We commit ourselves to provide the highest level of legal services to our clients by devoting ourselves to teamwork, collaboration and commitment.  At Özgün Law Firm, we are expected to quickly understand and respond to each and every dispute in the manner that the client feels most comfortable.

We have a young, energetic, dynamic, creative and dedicated team.

Özgün Law Firm attorneys are professionally trained to successfully deal with all kinds of business transactions that clients engage in. Our multilingual team of attorneys is capable of handling any matter of international law with due expertise and precision. Our firm is very eager to provide a healthy environment that encourages teamwork and collegiality, to ensure a high level of precision and high quality services.

What we have done so far is a small indicator of what we will do for our clients in the future.

Özgün Law Firm is a fast growing firm composed of a team of professionals. Despite our recent establishment, we have made a great deal of progress in many areas of both domestic and foreign legal practices. We have managed to become one of the leading firms among the medium-size law firms in Turkey in a short span of time.

PLG DirectorsÖzgün ÖZTUNÇ and Mihran AKSAK UYSAL

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