Local & International Law Firms

Present Locally Globally

All PLG member firms are well known and respected national or regional law firms who advise predominantly on business law and share a mutual multilingual and international culture. The aim of PLG and its member firms is to offer quality multilingual professional legal services to the clients of its member firms locally in an integrated and efficient manner. Clients’ international needs and requirements remain looked after by the local client firm with assistance and advice delivered by co-operating with lawyers in the other PLG member firms, who are personally known to have the right and relevant experience to deal with the work required.

PLG offices are all firmly established in their own countries and are fully familiar with cultural differences and local sensitivities. Each PLG office has specialised teams of lawyers practising in local and cross-border corporate and business law, employment law, intellectual property, e-commerce, commercial real estate, taxation, commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation, as well as private client work.

The close co-operation and ability to work well together when international teams are assembled for transactional purposes is constantly supported by lawyers from the different PLG firms working and meeting together in Mutual Interest Groups, in which experiences and knowledge are pooled and shared among the participants on a regular basis.

In countries where PLG has no member firm, the PLG members operate through a close network of “best friends”, being local medium sized law firms whose quality and legal experience is known to and recommended by PLG member firms as a result of working with them in the past.

PLG is set to continue expansion both inside and outside Europe and the member firms are constantly striving to grow teams with increasing international capability to meet the demands of their clients in today’s ever more global and international marketplace.

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