Media Law International 2021 highlights Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle as one of the top firms in Spain (Tier 3) in media law

For the eighth consecutive year, the legal directory MEDIA LAW INTERNATIONAL (MLI) have highlighted Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle (Spain) among the most prominent in the Spanish market in Media Law.

In particular, MLI includes Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle in the Tier 3 of its ranking, thus giving prominence to their task in said field and, specifically, in media rights.

Their clients highlight department manager Yago Vázquez‘s and President José Juan Pintó’s task. They praise their “high capacity and talent to solve complex legal issues”. According to their judgement, “particularly in the area of media, both José Juan Pintó and Yago Vázquez have an excellent knowledge and experience that, combined with their accurate understanding of the sports business, allows for excellent legal advice.”

The analysis of the legal sector carried out by Media Law International is based on an independent investigation which includes interviews with different firms and their partners. Their clients are also interviewed, and they request their opinion about the firms that provide them with advice and about the lawyers they work with.