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Relationship based on trust and friendship

Bearing in mind how we began and our early decision in terms of identity and work philosophy, PLG has approached membership selection carefully, with only a few new members being admitted in each period of a few years.

We consider it essential that the member firms regard each other as members of the PLG family and that every one of our new members becomes properly integrated into that family. Membership of PLG embodies the spirit of great friendship and excellent business relations all over the world.

For these reasons, most firms have joined in membership with PLG by invitation from PLG, usually following the recommendation of one or more existing members.

“I would like to extend a public “thank you” to Micheline Dessureault [Joli-Coeur Lacasse, Quebec] for recent assistance on a personal matter. One of my family members got himself into serious trouble in Canada, and I needed to arrange for legal representation quickly. I called Micheline for assistance, and she immediately put me in touch with legal counsel in the western Canadian province of British Columbia (where the problem occurred). That lawyer, on the strength of Micheline’s involvement, responded immediately with assistance. This was a serious family emergency for me, and I am extremely grateful for Micheline’s prompt and invaluable help.”
Legal Assistance in Canada
“This poor Canadian couple, on their around-the-globe sailing trip, lost their boat that sank in the Baleares. Goods friends of our Canadian member (Joli-Coeur Lacasse), the couple not only lost their dream but was about to lose their retirement savings, as the insurance company was doing everything in its power not to reimburse them. The insurance coverage had been put together with various brokers, insurers and reinsurers from different jurisdictions, making it a very complex legal matter that could have cost more than the boat itself, if trying to bring to trial. Nearly a year after the disaster, still no money to be seen for the couple when they finally got in touch with Joli-Coeur Lacasse with a desperate cry for help. Thanks to the Manchester Pannone LLP) and the Palma de Majorca (Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle) office members, also touched by this sad story of a middle class retired couple, legal advice and referrals to maritime insurance broker specialists were provided, as a personal favor to the Canadian member firm, that resulted in obtaining the payment of the full indemnity for the couple, within a few weeks. The PLG organization is about law, for sure, but is also based on good friendship and strong ties between the member firms that each member firm can count on, professionally and personally.”
PLG members help salvage a retirement dream

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