PLG is an international network of law firms covering 25 jurisdictions. In an effort to provide our clients with a truly global perspective on legal issues, we have produced the PLG World Book containing contributions on topics such as :-

[accordion][pane title="Corporate Aspects of Trading and Investing"]

The PLG Corporate Law and M&A Mutual Interest Group is involved with all types of international business transactional work, such as the buying and selling of shares and assets, joint ventures, equity funding of companies, group reorganisations and management buy-outs/buy-ins between PLG member countries. The members of the Corporate Law and M&A MIG also deal with all other legal commercial and business services ranging from company start-ups and general company administration through to commercial agreements, terms and conditions, and partnership advice.

The contributions by the PLG Corporate and M&A Mutual Interest Group to the PLG World Book contain an overview of Corporate Aspects of Trading and Investing in various PLG countries.

[/pane][pane title="Dispute Resolution"]

The PLG Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Mutual Interest Group recognises that the development of effective dispute resolution procedures and prevention techniques is vital to creating a framework within which businesses can continue to expand both nationally and internationally. In particular the continued growth of cross border trade is dependent upon businesses having faith in the ability for cross border disputes to be resolved quickly and cheaply.

The contributions by the PLG Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Mutual Interest Group to the PLG World Book contain an overview of Arbitration and Mediation Aspects in various PLG countries.


[/pane][pane title="Labour Relations"]

The PLG Employment Law Mutual Interest Group allows PLG lawyers to discuss the various aspects of Employment Law on an international level. The business world, which increasingly needs its workforce to be internationally mobile, the consultation work and the definition of strategies within the framework of negotiations and trials entrusted to PLG, requires the conception of harmonised solutions that take into account practical realities within a legal framework. In these situations, it is vital to ensure that an overall strategy is in place, with the constant emphasis on using the best tools available to advise on national and international employment law.

The contributions by the PLG Employment Law Mutual Interest Group to the PLG World Book contain an overview of employment aspects in various PLG countries.



[pane title="Protection of Intellectual Property"]

The PLG Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Mutual Interest Group specialises in the full range of IP, IT and E-Commerce work within each country represented in the group. The contributions of this group to the PLG World Book focus on the key issues relating to the ownership, protection and exploitation of key intellectual property rights, including patents, designs, trade marks and copyright in a variety of countries.




In addition, the PLG World Book gives details of the various member firms and the countries they represent in

[accordion][pane title="Country Facts"]

In "Country Facts" you will find information on the PLG member firms in each of the PLG jurisdictions, as well as more general information on the countries in which they operate.




If you require further information please feel free to contact the relevant PLG member firm directly.

Please note that the PLG World Book is only intended as an introduction to the various areas of law it covers. It should not be taken to constitute legal advice on specific issues. Neither PLG nor the contributing law firms accept responsibility for the information contained therein or matters affected by subsequent changes of law. 

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