Membership Procedure

In order to maintain our PLG family ethic, the process of membership can take a little while and often involves a period of pre-membership of the candidate firm  during which it  works together with existing PLG firms on a few referral assignments to make sure that the working relationship is capable of functioning as it should.

The candidate firm will have one or more existing firms act as sponsor of the membership application, with a positive recommendation for membership admission. This often follows a close working relationship on one or more transactions between lawyers in the candidate and sponsor firms, or a working relationship over time between those firms.

When an existing member firm or firms have identified a candidate, the identity of the candidate firm is submitted to the PLG Executive Committee, who consider any possible or likely obstacles or conflicts and if there are none, the candidate firm is asked to complete a questionnaire and to seek to work with one or more member firms on a referred matter.

The completed questionnaire is evaluated by the Executive Committee, circulated to members and a decision is then taken to invite the candidate firm to make a presentation at the next PLG Meeting when the decision to admit to membership or not is taken.

For membership enquiries please contact us.

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