Studio Legale Marsaglia - Milan

Spain and Italy close a deal

A €50,000,000 deal was closed on the 7th of June 2018 between a client referred to Studio Legale Marsaglia by Carlos Noguera from Bufete Pintó Ruiz of Barcelona and an Italian company providing for the reconstruction development, lease and management of a hotel complex.

The referral is a great example of the advantages that PLG International Lawyers offers to international business.


The close relationship between the lawyers of the two firms assisting the Spanish client rolled along the complicated negotiations; good direct communication was possible between Niccolò Lasorsa and the clients thanks to his fluent Spanish; SLM expertise in assisting foreign investors made it possible to finalize the paperwork in the short gap of time that preceded the date of the auction of the building to be restructured.



Good work PLG!