STUDIO LEGALE MARSAGLIA – Top 10 law firms and lawyers in Milan for 2024 by national newspaper la Repubblica


In the Italian national newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ our Milan member firm was included in the ’10 leading law firms and lawyers in Milan for 2024′.

Here is the link to the published article (in Italian):

An extract:

Antonietta Marsaglia is characterised by a multicultural approach, which began with her graduation from University College London in 1972 and her graduation from Cattolica University in Milan in 1977. In 1988 she founded a network of lawyers, now based in Luxembourg and known as PLG International Lawyers, present in 32 countries and 50 cities worldwide.

The firm strives to be ‘a team for your team’, offering a personalised service in the areas of corporate and commercial law, international taxation and trusts, litigation and Adr (arbitration and mediation). It shares a strong commitment to mediation with its collaborators, starting with long-standing associates such as Laura Palumbo and Niccolò Lasorsa Borgomaneri, based on the belief that the future of the legal profession lies in the lawyer’s ability to quickly and effectively resolve clients’ problems.


We are very proud to have been included in the top 10 law firms and lawyers in Milan for 2024 by national newspaper la Repubblica.


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