The PLG Summer Academy – video

As announced last summer, in September 2018 14 young lawyers from across the network went to Lisbon, Portugal, for a week of team building and legal practice classes, based at and in partnership with Catolica Global School of Law. The event was a great success and will be repeated in 2019.

To give you an idea of the event we recorded a short video which can be watched here:

We developed this course under the presidency of Mr Luis Cortez of our Lisbon member firm Coehlo Ribeiro e Associados. At the time Luis said the young lawyers would leave the PLG Academy with “a set of unique skills that will contribute towards their own success as well as the success of their Law Firms. Combined with the technical skills each of them already has in their own practice area, the Academy will be a further step towards excellence in their day to day practice.”

The participating lawyers, as seen in the video, were delighted with the course contents, the professors and the opportunity to meet and build relationships across the network.

30 years ago PLG International Lawyers was founded through the friendship of five European lawyers, and although we have expanded to 28 member firms in over 30 countries around the world during that time, the spirit of friendship still runs through the veins of the network.

Our commitment to the next generation of lawyers is demonstrated by our vibrant youth network, YPLG, several exchange programmes a year between young lawyers across the network and now this, the PLG Summer Academy.