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The YPLG Exchange Programme – interview with Evgeniya Pervukhina, Eterna Law

YPLG, the branch of PLG dedicated to the lawyers under 35, set up the exchange programme several years ago to allow young lawyers to gain work experience within other member firms. In 2017 Evgeniya Pervukhina, a lawyer working for the Moscow office of Eterna Law, spent a couple of weeks working in the Munich office of SKW Schwarz.

Below you can read her thoughts on the experience.


∙             What is your impression of the law firm where the internship took place?


When joining such a program as internship with YPLG a lot depends on your personal attitude and interest in receiving new experience and knowledge. Thus, upon the results of the internship in SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte – Munich I would say that my impression of the law firm is definitely positive as far as the interaction on working issues was based on a common interest in cooperation and obtaining information on working experience in different jurisdictions.


∙             What are the differences or similarities of approaches to solving legal problems?


As in Eterna law, the main approach towards work in SKW is based, first of all, on client focus, responsibility and observance of deadlines.


∙             Have you managed to acquire additional skills or useful experience?


Joining SKW for the internship through cooperation with the YPLG was a great experience for me as a young lawyer interested in the law of foreign jurisdictions. The internship broadened my approach to the work with clients as well as it helped me to improve my professional and communicative skills in the legal profession. While SKW team made everything so that during my stay I could feel welcome and gain useful legal practice. Thus, while communicating with lawyers I also received some useful insight about the work of the German judicial system and career development in the legal profession in Germany.


Thanks to YPLG, SKW and my law firm (Eterna Law) for making my internship come true.