Looking back at 2018

In 2018 PLG International Lawyers turned 30. With a steady growth across the years we now have 29 member firms across the globe.


Our February meetings were hosted by Canonica Valticos & de Preux in Geneva. In June we joined Lmt Avocats in Paris. Finally in October we were welcomed to Kyiv for the first time by Eterna Law, who joined the network in 2016.

PLG Academy

Another first for the network was the PLG Academy, held in Lisbon in September. PLG believes its young lawyers are the future of the network, and the Academy was a unique learning experience for our young lawyers – a mixture of team building and lectures on legal and communication skills given by international professors and senior PLG lawyers in partnership with Catolica Global School of Law. A great success which is set to become an annual event.

New Members

Three new members were welcomed into the PLG family this year. In February Cayad, Mexico joined the network. In June, Pearl Cohen’s membership (Israel) was confirmed followed by Kim Chang & Lee in South Korea in October.

Working Together

PLG is based on friendship and trust and our firms work together year round on international legal files.



What’s Next?

Our next big event will take place in May. To celebrate our 30 +1 anniversary we are holding a congress in the Algarve, Portugal. We expect around 200 PLG lawyers and friends of PLG to attend this working celebration. Four days of meetings, team building and networking await us there.