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  • The article below has been written by Edmo Colnaghi Neves, PhD, from our Brazilian member firm Murray Advogados The recent legislation made important changes to the taxation of investments abroad, with the publication of the law in December 2023, which are still being assimilated by taxpayers. Among the various aspects legislated is the status of

  • Navigating India’s Competition Law: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses by Smita Paliwal (Partner) and Priyanka Sharma (Associate), King Stubb & Kasiva, India In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies are engaged in an intense battle to outshine rivals in their niches. This competition requires a fair competition law to ensure a balanced and orderly market. India

  • SUPREME COURT ON STAMPING OF ARBITRATION AGREEMENTS & STATUS OF ONGOING ARBITRATIONS AFTER THE ORDER by Jidesh KUMAR, Managing Partner, King Stubb & Kasiva, India, and Sukrit KAPOOR, Partner, King Stubb & Kasiva, India Despite the majority in the Five-Judge Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India settling the debate on mandatory stamping of

  • Phantom Stock Option – Incentivizing Employees Without Giving Ownership – Juhi Chandel, King Stubb & Kasiva, India Introduction Phantom Stock Option (“PSO”) is the new concept for incentivizing the employees of the companies. PSOs are increasing and getting popular as the companies share the profit with the employee without dilution of the shareholding of the

  • Foreword Until a few decades ago, privacy was a much more abstract than concrete concept. With the spread of digital technology and the consequent need for web users (and others) to provide their personal data to a variety of ‘dematerialised’ subjects, the need to provide protection and control over the processing of these data has

  • Claudio Arturo, from our Austrian member firm, PFKA, has written an article describing a recent amendment to the Austrian citizenship act, which allows simplified access to Austrian citizenship for victims of National Socialism and their descendants. This new procedure went into effect in Austria in 2020. Recently, the scope of eligible applicants was broadened. Below,

  • Blessing or… just a burden?  Data Protection Legislation around the World: learn from PLG Lawyers in Canada, Italy, Germany and France the result of Data Protection laws implementation in each of these countries. – Eva Ochoa, President of the PLG IP&IT Mutual Interest Group   GDPR experiences from France A few months after the introduction

  • A few months after the introduction of GDPR, it is time to draw up a report of the first French experiences. Obviously the French data protection authority, the CNIL, is trying to design a uniform case law and make implementation of GDPR easier for companies. The CNIL gave notice of the major topics on which

  • GDPR came into force on May 25th, 2018. At the same time, the new German Data Protection Law, which specifies the opening clauses of GDPR, came into force. Besides some curious discussions (such as whether doorbell signs can be labelled by the landlord without the consent of the tenant), there are also tangible results from

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) n°2016/679 introduced numerous innovations regarding the processing of personal data. Among these, great interest was raised by the obligation, for the Data Controller, to carry out in certain cases an assessment of the impact that the treatments could have on data protection. The WP29 adopted specific guidelines on the

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