Brazil – Repatriation of Funds Law

Article by lawyers from Murray Advogados, PLG’s member firm in São Paulo – Brazil, on the “Repatriation of Funds Law” and the special regime for the tax and cambial regularisation (Law 13.253/2016). The regularization period runs from 4 April 2016 … Read More

Impacts of COVID 19 in Brazil

Our member firm in Brazil, Murray Advogados, has published an article on the contractual impacts of COVID 19. You will find that article here: Contractual Implications of Covid 19 – Brazil Furthermore you can read their article on the impact … Read More

News from Brazil

Every month our Brazilian member firm, Murray Advogados, publishes a newsletter in English summarising news affecting business in Brazil. Please find the latest newsletter here: I bought Valium tablets and came home, climbed on the Internet and read the instruction … Read More

News from our Brazil firm

The most important Brazilian legal publication, “Análise Advocacia 500” that has been published this week for the year 2016, listed, once more, Murray – Advogados among the most admired law firms in the country. The partner, Alberto Murray Neto, has also been … Read More

Newsletter – Murray Advogados

Please click below for the latest news in English from our member firm in Brazil, Murray Advogados, including the reaction on the markets to the recent elections.   Newsletter Oct-Nov2018

Newsletter – Murray Advogados, Brazil

Please click the link below to find the latest news from Brazil, covering the economy, legal and political developments and compiled by our Brazilian firm, Murray Advogados. Murray Advogados Newsletter Feb 2020

Newsletter Brazil – May 2016

Murray Advogados, PLG’s member firm in São Paulo, Brazil, have issued their May 2016 newsletter with interesting articles on the economy in Brazil, including articles on foreign investment by among others “Envision Energy”, China’s second largest wind energy plant and … Read More

Newsletter Brazil – September-October 2016

Newsletter issued by Murray Advogados in São Paulo featuring résumés of the following articles*: – Government plans to limit regulatory reach over concession auctions – Chamber of deputies prepares changes in repatriation law – China proposes binational company to build … Read More

Newsletter from Murray Advogados, Brazil

Our member firm in Brazil, Murray Advogados, have recently published their February – March newsletter with news in English affacting Brazilian law and economy matters.   Please click here to download. Newsletter Feb-Mar 2019

Newsletter Murray Adv. – March 2016

March 2016 newsletter issued by Murray Advogados, PLG’s member firm in São Paulo with articles on a number of economic and legal issues, such as “Citigroup to exit retail banking in Brazil, Argentina”, “Bambu seeks partnership with Chinese to operate … Read More