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Navigating India’s Competition Law: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses by Smita Paliwal (Partner) and Priyanka Sharma (Associate), King Stubb & Kasiva, India In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies are engaged in an intense battle to outshine rivals in their niches. This competition requires a fair competition law to ensure a balanced and orderly market. India

Phantom Stock Option- Incentivizing Employees Without Giving Ownership

Phantom Stock Option – Incentivizing Employees Without Giving Ownership – Juhi Chandel, King Stubb & Kasiva, India Introduction Phantom Stock Option (“PSO”) is the new concept for incentivizing the employees of the companies. PSOs are increasing and getting popular as the companies share the profit with the employee without dilution of the shareholding of the

Obtaining Austrian citizenship for victims of National Socialism and their descendants

Claudio Arturo, from our Austrian member firm, PFKA, has written an article describing a recent amendment to the Austrian citizenship act, which allows simplified access to Austrian citizenship for victims of National Socialism and their descendants. This new procedure went into effect in Austria in 2020. Recently, the scope of eligible applicants was broadened. Below,

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GPDR: Now what?

Blessing or… just a burden?  Data Protection Legislation around the World: learn from PLG Lawyers in Canada, Italy, Germany and France the result of Data Protection laws implementation in each of these countries. – Eva Ochoa, President of the PLG IP&IT Mutual Interest Group   GDPR experiences from France A few months after the introduction

GDPR in Canada : a look from abroad

The entry into force of GDPR was subject to broad press coverage in Canada. At a time when data protection scandals such as those faced by Facebook were also receiving a lot of media attention, the legitimacy of regulations such as the GDPR appeared undeniable in principle. When it came to compliance, and as is

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