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GPDR: Now what?

Blessing or… just a burden?  Data Protection Legislation around the World: learn from PLG Lawyers in Canada, Italy, Germany and France the result of Data Protection laws implementation in each of these countries. – Eva Ochoa, President of the PLG IP&IT Mutual Interest Group   GDPR experiences from France A few months after the introduction

GDPR in Canada : a look from abroad

The entry into force of GDPR was subject to broad press coverage in Canada. At a time when data protection scandals such as those faced by Facebook were also receiving a lot of media attention, the legitimacy of regulations such as the GDPR appeared undeniable in principle. When it came to compliance, and as is

PLG Congress 2019

  Every five years at PLG we hold a four day meeting, the PLG Congress. This is different to the regular meetings that we hold three times a year – it is the opportunity for firms to send more participants and the schedule involves more joint activities among the members. In May 2019 around 170

The PLG Summer Academy – video

As announced last summer, in September 2018 14 young lawyers from across the network went to Lisbon, Portugal, for a week of team building and legal practice classes, based at and in partnership with Catolica Global School of Law. The event was a great success and will be repeated in 2019. To give you an idea

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